Your Ticket

Sounds pretty obvious, right? Once you’ve completed your order, this will be emailed to you. Print it out, have it ready on your phone, or open it in the Eventbrite app. No ticket, no entry.

Proof Of Age

Licence, passport or proof of age card is required. Under 18’s are welcome (and under 13’s are free) but they won’t be able to drink of course, and they must be accompanied by an adult.

Please be prepared to show your valid ID. All attendees will be required to wear a wristband for the duration of their stay at BBF.

Please note all bags are subject to inspection at any point during the event. Bottles, cans, glass, food, drink, alcohol, illicit drugs, illegal substances, fireworks, explosives or anything that can be used as a weapon cannot be brought into the festival.

As you enter, you’ll be given a souvenir festival glass and lanyard.

And then start the fun!

Credit / Debit Card

Ballarat Beer Festival is cashless! Just bring your favourite debit or credit card. Each vendor will have a paywave eftpos unit.

Most importantly, there will be a reduced need to wait in lines, counting out coins to buy a beer, as your friends get thirsty for your round! As such, all food, merchandise and drinks purchased will need to be paid for using the simple, tap-and-go terminals.


Can I use cash?

Ballarat Beer Festival is a ‘cashless’ festival. Only debit or credit cards can be used.

Got a Crazy Costume?

Wear it – you might win a great prize.

Be Comfortable

Bring picnic blankets or camping chairs – chill out in style.
Umbrellas are not allowed. Do not bring food or drinks. There’s a huge range of foods to suit all tastes, and free water.


With such a large range of beers, ciders and wines, sampling is the name of the game.

Most beers and ciders will be $2 per 85ml taste, $4 for 185ml and $6 for a pot (285ml), however each brewer and winemaker may vary the charge for some brews based on ABV, rarity, etc.

There will be two boulevards of beer, ciders and wines, so take it in a clockwise, or an anti-clockwise direction, or do the zig and zag path. Just don’t miss out!

You’re very welcome to keep and take home your souvenir festival glass or dispose of them in a recycling bin when leaving the venue.