Meet Beer Diva and Professor Pilsner, your craft beer specialists

This festival sees the return of Beer Diva and Professor Pilsner as they take you on a journey through the intriguing universe of beer. Make time to take part in our beer education sessions where you can meet the local brewers, learn how to take your homebrew to the commercial stage, stroll through the weird and wonderful world of beers, get introduced to the brewers making waves in the industry and see what the future is bringing to the craft beer industry.

You can also catch our beer education hosts at Gallagher’s Friday Night Degustation Dinner where you can mix and mingle with the brewers as you enjoy a delicious 5 course menu served with perfectly matched beers.


12:00 | Charcuterie/Food/Beer Pairing
01:00 | Meet the Newbies
02:00 | Cheese/Beer Pairings
03:00 | Kontroversy Korner