Young Henrys

Natural Lager
Style: Unfiltered Lager
ABV: 4.2%
Malt: Pilsner, Pale, Munich, Wheat
Hop: Summer,Sylva, Helga
IBU: 25
Our Natural Lager is exactly what the name suggests. Four ingredients go in and this beer comes out. Just hops, malt, water and yeast we don’t even filter it. Because of that, our version has a hazy golden appearance that makes it different from most other lagers. The three varieties of noble Australian hops we add give off a subtle citrus aroma and provide very light bitterness. With a gentle, dry finish the Natural Lager is an easy-drinking beer that’s best enjoyed cold when the weather’s hot.

Real Ale
Style: English Best Bitter
ABV: 4%
Malt: Marris Otter, Ale, Caramunich, Medium Crystal Hops Galaxy, Ella, Topaz
IBU: 40
The Real Ale is our take on a traditional Best Bitter. In other words, where British style meets Australian tastes. We start with a 50/50 blend of English and Australian malts then add three of our favourite varieties of Aussie hops; Topaz, Galaxy and Ella. This gives a New World kick to an Old World classic. Thanks to some lingering sweet toffee and caramel flavours, the Real Ale packs loads
of flavour into a 4% beer. So much so that we were invited to the UK for the 2014 International Real Ale Festival and we’re incredibly honoured to see this beer pick up the Gold medal, matching it with some big hitters from the home of Best Bitters. To get the most from the Real Ale, we recommend serving it between 6-8°C.

Hop Ale
Style: Dark Hoppy Ale
ABV: 6%
Malt: Australian Pale, Munich, Rye, Cara Red, English Crystal, Cara Wheat, Carafa
Hops: Ella, Williamette, Kohatu, Simcoe, Cascade
IBU: 60
Some people might call this beer an India Pale Ale, but we’re not sure what defines an IPA these days; is it English? American? West coast? East coast? No coast?
So we prefer not to worry about ticking boxes and just call this beer what it is: Hop Ale. But this is no garden-variety hoppy ale. She’s big, bold and beautiful. She’s dark and mysterious. Not stout-black, more super dark red. If you triumphantly hold a pint of this beauty up to the light it’ll show off amazing crimson hues, but in the depths of a darkened winter pub she’ll be black as the night.
The malty richness comes from a whopping seven malts – Australian and American, then tickled with a little New Zealand (Kohatu). Each plays its part – Carafa gives it
its dark colour, Crystal its red hue, Rye for spiciness and Munich for mouthfeel. All balanced out with that distinctive resinous hop flavour and citrus nose.
Not one for the faint hearted, but the new and improved Hop Ale remains dangerously drinkable all-year-round.

Style: English Summer Ale
ABV: 4.8%
Malt: Ale, Carahell
Hops: Victoria’s Secret, Cascade, Galaxy
IBU: 35
Young Henrys wouldn’t be what it is without Newtown. It’s our home, community and inspiration. So when the suburb celebrated its sesquicentenary and we were invited to brew a unique beer to celebrate, we jumped at the chance. The resulting beer was a Summer Ale called Newtowner. In a bit of a nod to the suburb’s past and present influences, we used a blend of English and Australian malts. Then we added three varieties of local hops to make it fun, fruity and even a little bitter – just like Newtown. This is a beer we wanted everyone in our community to enjoy, whether it was being thrown back at a gig or sipped slowly in a beer garden. The people responded and Newtowner is now a permanent part of our beer range.

Cloudy Cider
Style: Farmhouse Cider
ABV: 4.6%
At Young Henrys we try to keep things local. In our beer that means using lots of Australian malts and hops. In our Cloudy Cider it means using apples grown in orchards as close to our our brewery as possible. The juice we use is pressed from a 50/50 blend of the Royal Gala and Pink Lady varieties. It gets fermented, we add some light carbonation and that’s it.
Our cider contains no added sugar, syrups, chemicals or water. Everything here
– from the sweetness to the tartness to the cloudy appearance – is completely natural. We have even been known to crush the apples at the brewery straight into a fermenter! We recommend serving the Cloudy Cider cool, but not too cold.